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  • Ease of use You need to learn a bit about Unity if you came from Windows XP or Plan 9... xD good
  • Speed Just compare it with OS X Lion -- the system why I actually use Ubuntu! great!
  • Configurability Hmm... let me think... maybe because almost the entire system is open-source and it's full of settings? great!
  • Ecosystem (apps, drivers, etc.) Remember: we're talking about a Debian-based GNU/Linux system. What does that means? A superbig ecosystem, of course! great!
  • Openness Do I have to repeat the same again and again? great!
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Let's see all the great things about Ubuntu:
  • A unified desktop which can work with any screen-based device.
  • Innovative ideas such the HUD.
  • Just superfast! (even if my iMac haves a slow HDD, Ubuntu boots in the same time as Snow Leopard, and the desktop works even faster!)
  • Superstable... it's a LTS release, and a LTS release must work well!
  • Don't like that pink background? Want to make that windows more candyeye? Maybe do you even want to get back to the 80s? No problem, you can do what you want with Ubuntu!
  • About the Ubuntu ecosystem: Apps? There's an app for that! Drivers? Preinstalled almost every driver you'll need in your entire life! Devices? Let me check... Computers? Yep. Laptops? Yep. Tablets? Coming soon. Phones? Right in the corner! So, do you still think that Ubuntu's ecosystem is uncomplete?
  • The most open thing that you'll find in your stores (OK, you have gNewSense... but c'mon, do you see anyone using that crap version of Ubuntu 9.10?)
  • It's FREE!
And.. why 10 instead of 9 or 8, even if ease of use is not A level? Because there's a community and lots of documentation that can help you with almost any problem!
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