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product preview
Ars Technica Apr 18, 2014

Ubuntu Touch is coming along, but we recommend that you continue to treat this as a developer-only OS for testing and development purposes. Don't install this on a phone you care about. Don't install this on a phone you expect to get work done on.

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product preview
ExtremeTech Mar 28, 2014

Overall, Ubuntu 14.04 is a surprisingly pleasant operating system. It feels very polished, especially for a Linux distro. If you’ve been using 12.04 for the last couple of years, 14.04 will feel like a sizable step up.

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nullvoid nullvoid

Linux for the masses has finally arrived. Ubuntu combines ease of use, elegance and is well integrated trough Unity. I have a custom built computer and it worked out of the box with Ubuntu. The only thing I'm really missing is Microsoft Office, then I would migrate the entire office to Ubuntu...

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sahandv sahandv

Ubuntu 14.04 is best Ubuntu release after Ubuntu 9.04 in my opinion. First Ubuntu release which gives no stupid errors right after installation / boot ! Actually no error in 2 days! Give it a try...

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lotsofcode lotsofcode

Ubuntu is great. I like how light and fast it is compared to Windows. I also like the freedom I have to use a nice, fast, and bulletproof OS. Ubuntu is what computing should be like.

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Robford2000 Robford2000

Fast, easy and definitely good looking (especially after a few tweaks). This is an excellent OS for beginners and advanced users alike. 14.04 is definitely the best release to date, and because it's long term support, you have a guaranteed 5 years of usage with updates and improvements along the...

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boristheinglori boristheinglori

No major changes from version 12.04 which i was using before. However, be warned that some things have changed, such as how the touch pad works. I used to be able to just run my finger up and down the right edge to scroll, but with 14.04, i had to go to the scroll bar then click or click and drag...

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