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by chaci

The best ethernet-wifi bridge
one month ago I build a garden house that is 100m away from house. Problem is there is no internet connection. I am thinking to put some wifi to ethernet device there so I will be able to connect computer and apple TV via ethernet cord. I was looking some of these devices, but I am scared the range to house (where router is) is too long... On the way there are two trees, but I can get like 1 maybe 2 bars of connection on my macbook in garden house. Is there any device that can receive... Read more →

by kandekilla

Recommendations for a good apartment wireless router?
My current router is failing big time. Overheating, dropping connections and lots of other not good things. Even going out on my porch I get a huge drop in signal, and the router is just on the other side of the window. Looking for something with external antennae as I am not fond of my current one with internal. Luckily it is deemed a work security thing so I can buy and get reimbursed for a new router from work for up to $100. Everything in my place is gigabit/cat6 that needs to be wired. For...

by cass

RIP Flip: Cisco killing Flip line of camcorders
I equate the Flip camera to the netbook: It served a portion of the market, but due to limitations it just didn't have a long-term demand. My question is what could Cisco have done to keep Flip cameras relevant? Back when these Flip cameras were coming out, I thought they were pretty amazing. It provided solid HD video in your pocket during the time where video on your phone was less than stellar. Once our smartphones started getting HD video recording capabilities, there wasn't a need... Read more →