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by CameraGuyKurt

Remember those crazy baseball controllers?
I had two of these huge controllers for a baseball game. It was basically a handle with a joystick on top and four buttons down the side, but it had a big round cover that wrapped around it so the other player couldn't look at what pitch you were going to throw. Anyone else remember those?

by predmer

Favorite ColecoVision titles?
I'm surprised to only see a handful of folks who have added this to their list! I loved the ColecoVision and is one of the fondest (gaming) memories of my childhood. Playing them on an emulator isn't even close to using the old school paddles with the crappy keypads... Some of my favorite titles, many of which were ports from arcade or other systems: Space Panic (Ever notice the aliens bite you in the ass when they "kill" you?) Omega Race (bouncing off the walls was incredibly... Read more →