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by 2dealsok

How to check the Compaq Presario C300 Video Cable Compatibility
Compaq Presario C300 Video Cable Compatibility How to Check?
The only way to see the replacement part will work for you or not, you are part of Numberhave our product replacement parts are the same. If it is on the list, then it will be compatible. (Your Deivice model is good enough to determine the correct product).
Part numbers can be located on your Compaq Presario C300 Video Cable Or you can check your owner's manual.
Check compatibility Another way is to check the "fit the following models... Read more →

by angryfacing

Gaming / Programmer Laptop
I am an independent game developer / designer and I am looking for a laptop that I can use to work away from my desk. I was looking into Alienware, but I am not sure if I would need that much power nor do I want that much weight with me. I would like something that is light and easy to carry with me but also packs a punch with some power. Seeing how I am designing games on it, the laptop should be able to play the majority of the games on the market at medium or high settings. I am willing to...

by deinfinityx

Linux on this
Anyone have any good sites for hacks to this. I just inherited it from my parents in the hopes i could put some flavor of linux on it. My annoying time searching the net last night led to nothing discernible so i will try my luck here to see if anyone has some good device.