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by rorytucker

What is the best headset for comfort and quality for glasses wearers?
I am looking for user recommendations for a headset for Skype and music that I could wear comfortably for a few hours.
  • Needs to fit comfortably while wearing glasses
  • Mostly used for Skype
  • But would like to only use one headset at my desk (I currently have a 2nd pair for music)
  • Needs to block external noise a bit too
  • Wireless would be nice
  • Mac / USB
  • Currently have Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000

by jackblack644

Which Corsair Power Supply do I need?
I'm building a computer for a local business I know but I'm not sure whether i should go for the Corsair CX430 which I actually have - or the CX500.

Here are the specs:
Gigabyte H61M-S2-B3
Intel Core i3 2100
2 x 2GB of 1333Mhz RAM
Western digital Caviar Blue 1TB 7200rpm - SATA 2
and a LG dvd drive - SATA 2

What do you guys think? Is 430 watts enough or should I go for 500??

by krynsky

What is the most reliable 128Gb SATA III SSD?
I spent hours diagnosing OS issues only to spend even more hours re-installing Windows and apps only to have it crash hard again and now be un-recoverable. Turns out the Corsair P3-128 SSD I'm using isn't very reliable (read Newegg reviews now). Today's been a massive headache. I don't want to give up on SSD yet. I want to give it one more try but want to put reliability at the top of my feature list.