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Pocket-Lint Jul 24, 2008

We love devices that just work and live up to their claims and if you have become accustomed to travelling around with data be it to school, the office or up K2, then the Corsair Voyager Mini is well worth a look.

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PC World Australia May 26, 2010

If you need copious storage on something smaller than the keys on your keyring, check out this resilient little stick from Corsair. The Corsair Flash Voyager Mini 32GB packs a lot of data in a small shape, but still offers good value.

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Everything USB Oct 13, 2008

While the Corsair Flash Voyager Mini may not revolutionize the USB flash drive market in terms of design or performance, it is a reliable large-capacity drive with a great 10 year warranty and a good feature-set that evolves the slim-line USB flash drive design with its retractable USB port.

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the1ts the1ts

A great little flash drive, fast enough while being small enough. Has lasted the longest of any flash drives I've owned.

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