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As the smaller sibling of the Vengeance K90, the Corsair Vengeance K60 shares its larger relative's excellent mechanical-switch keys, but forgoes its bank of dedicated macro keys, backlighting, and large wrist rest. The K60 does have a couple of its own unique features, including swappable keycaps for frequently used gaming keys, and a left-hand wrist rest/keycap-storage bin. However, beyond that, it's designed for simplicity, with few bells and whistles. While it's a very good keyboard, given that the price difference between the K60 and K90 is just $15, you may as well get the K90, unless you really need something with swappable keycaps and a smaller footprint.

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PC Mag May 18, 2012

The Corsair Vengeance K60 keyboard is a weapon built to a gamer's specs, with a left-handed wrist rest and 10 swappable sculpted keys.

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AnandTech Feb 18, 2012

The K90 is just more preferable to the K60 and absolutely worth the extra $20 for the substantially improved functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. If anything the K60 just seems to exist to make the K90 look like a better deal.

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Maximum PC Jun 4, 2012

Most other keyboards in this price range offer some amount of customizable bindings or hotkeys, but it’s hard to hold their absence against the K60. This is a keyboard that’s clearly all about the fundamentals: clean design, quality materials, and responsive gaming.

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Overclockers Club Mar 12, 2012

It's comfortable, and it is sturdy enough to beat someone up. The media keys and volume roller drum are something noteworthy, and the fact that I can use it straight out of the box without drivers always makes me happy. It's a nice product, but the key wear needs to be addressed in revised editions.

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Techgage Mar 30, 2012

For a straight-up reflexive FPS gaming keyboard, this is a winner. You may miss out on the extended macro support and back-lighting on the K90 MMO-based keyboard, but that's fine. I don't need to see the keyboard when I'm killing anything that moves.

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Benchmark Reviews Apr 9, 2012

There definitely are some better choices if typing is your main usage, as the K60 suffers from occasional hiccups. If you like the style and simplicity of the K60 and want a cherry red mechanical keyboard, the K60 is a great choice.

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bit-tech Dec 18, 2011

The K60 is undeniably pricey ... If you’re looking to make the switch to Cherry Keys, though, it’s fairly priced in comparison to the competition and, at £100, the K60 warrants a firm recommendation for anyone looking for a premium keyboard.

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Everything USB Apr 24, 2012

Corsair Vengeance K60 is a swell mechanical keyboard that knows its target audience well, but could stand to use a firmware fix and ditch the membrane dome-switched function keys.

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HotHardware May 16, 2012

Are these devices expensive? Yes, though not extravagantly so, compared to the competition. Are they worth it to gamers looking for a great experience from their peripherals? Indeed.

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Gadget Review Apr 4, 2012

The Corsair K60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a simple and powerful tool that cements the old adage: Less is more. The layout is clean and elegant and compliments the classic mechanical construction, which itself enhances work and play.

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9.0 Mar 9, 2012

The K90 has 18 macro keys, software, lighting, three memory banks and yet only costs £20 more. ... we think the K60 is about a tenner too expensive. It's bulletproof and wonderful, but £85 is a bit steep for what is basically a standard keyboard just built extraordinarily well.

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