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Corsair's Vengeance M60 is made for first-person shooters, and if you're in its, er, target market, you're likely to appreciate its precision, customization, and that nice, big "Sniper" button. In-between FPS sessions, you'll find that it also works well as a standard, right-handed, ergonomic mouse, and you can reprogram that Sniper button to meet your other gaming (and even productivity) needs. At $60, it's a good deal compared to some other precision gaming mice, though there's no wireless option available.

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PC Mag May 18, 2012

Designed with first-person shooters in mind, the Corsair Vengeance M60 gaming mouse's combination of precision, speed, and customization is sure to bring out the killer in you.

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AnandTech Feb 22, 2012

If the hardware wasn't there the mice would be a lost cause, but for the most part the hardware is fine. I have personal issues with the layouts of the mice, but you may not share my complaints. If the M60 or M90 feel good in your hand, they're probably going to be right for you.

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Overclockers Club Mar 12, 2012

The M60 is my new favorite mouse. It will be my go-to mouse when I'm not reviewing other mice. It's quite comfortable and easy to hold. It works nicely with Windows so if I want to use it with my laptop I don't have to install drivers just to navigate.

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GamersEdge Feb 18, 2012

The Corsair M60 is bang on, it is a fantastic mouse for FPS gamers, its light, customisable, performs well and has the features that will impress any FPS gamer, a safe purchase from a premium brand.

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TweakTown Apr 5, 2012

Corsair delivered the Vengeance M60 Performance FPS laser gaming mouse which is the hallmark to which I will compare all other laser mice to for offering the best complete package for a really good price.

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Benchmark Reviews Apr 9, 2012

I think the main justifications for this price tag are the M60's design, its sniper button, and the ergonomic shape. ... for FPS gamers, the three things I mentioned are probably the most important features you are looking for. The M60 is a great buy in that respect.

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Gadget Review Mar 29, 2012

For 50-bucks, Corsair is offering as much or more than higher priced mice competing for gamers’ affections. It looks cool. The software works as advertised and that sniper button will make a believer out of you, one headshot at a time!

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Everything USB Mar 27, 2012

For their first attempt at gaming mice, Corsair did a fantastic job on the Vengeance M60 and M90's hardware. ... It's disheartening then that such excellent hardware is being held back by poor software.

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10 Feb 2, 2012

Freed from the need to be a MMO style gaming mouse the designers of the M60 have pulled out all the stops to give us an amazingly good mouse that should instantly go on the shortlist of anybody who seeks a new weapon to their gaming armoury.

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acepenguin acepenguin

Just perfect! and i that is not an easy thing to make me write! Overall everything is just alittle better than what i could ask for. Oh and FYI - i had a mini middle mouse button issue which was a reason eanough to raplace it FOR FREE in 10 business days, the new one was sent to me with no...

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smcolbert smcolbert

I don't like a lot of buttons on my mice, so the M60 was a great choice of a quality mouse without me having to worry about having more buttons than necessary. The sniper button on the side is nice for on the go DPI adjustment to give slow you down in certain games. I found it really depends on...

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