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by augustfrogust

Upgrading Hard Drive in Version 2.2 MacBook Pro
So I have one of the earlier versions of the MacBook Pro:
2.13 gig intel core duo
160 GB HD
3 GB RAM - I installed 2 more gigs
I want to upgrade my hard drive, namely for more space and more speed. However, I have been researching some of the different drives and I am having trouble deciding what the best avenue is:
SATA - Hitachi, Samsung, Toshiba? I have seen mixed reviews for Seagate and WD for Macs.
SSD - Crucial, Samsung, OWC, Intel? - I have seen good reviews for the first 3.
I like the fact... Read more →

by jackblack644

Which Corsair Power Supply do I need?
I'm building a computer for a local business I know but I'm not sure whether i should go for the Corsair CX430 which I actually have - or the CX500.

Here are the specs:
Gigabyte H61M-S2-B3
Intel Core i3 2100
2 x 2GB of 1333Mhz RAM
Western digital Caviar Blue 1TB 7200rpm - SATA 2
and a LG dvd drive - SATA 2

What do you guys think? Is 430 watts enough or should I go for 500??

by adam444

What's the maximum amount of memory I can put in a MacBook?
I have a late '09 MacBook (white) model MC207LL/A (2.26 GHz) and the standard answer is 4 GB. I've heard rumors that it might be able to accept 8 GB. Can anyone confirm this? More importantly do I even need 8 GB? I've recently started to use Aperture and things seem kind of slow. Maybe 4GB is enough??? While I'm typing, Crucial has 4GB (2, 2GB sticks) for $26. It almost seems too cheap. Thanks!