August 1st 2011 12:51 pm


by AkAMOtS

Gigabyte OC Nvidia 650 2GB or Gigabyte OC Nvidia 650ti 1GB?
Im planning to buy a graphic card, and I know some of you would take it as a silly question, but my main doubt is about the vga memory diffrence of 2 gb and 1gb.
Ill be playing in 1360x768 or 1080p or 1920x1200. And no dual monitor setup.

So should I go for a 1gb 650 ti, or 2gb 650 will be needed for great fps fro the stated resolutions ?

Please dont suggest me any other GPU, specially for AMD fans :)

by sillymansamOCN

Will we see Thunderbolt become available for PC any time in 2012?
I'm a Digital Tech (fancy name for camera assistant) and I'm also a student. A lot of the teachers and students around campus have been drooling over Thunderbolt because it's not USB 3.0. Which most of them don't really understand what's important about having thunderbolt. I tether a lot at school and moving files. I'm also using both Apple, PC and Linux products. The only thing that would really compare to thunderbolt in speed would be Fibre but cost and maintenance is kind of out of reach for... Read more →

by SirDanMartin

Will this custom PC build work? and How future proof is it?
Hey guys, im going to build a custom gaming pc. I done a ton of reasearch and have come up with a list of parts that i think look good for me. However im no expert and was wondering if anyone with good knowledge of pc building could let me know if these parts are all compatable and will work together? Also is this good enough to be a good gaming pc that will last a couple of years with only a few minor adjustments. I have included an ebuyer quick find no. for each part at the end. Gigabyte... Read more →

by dave

How do you keep your computer case (and its internal components) clean?
Last night, I took apart my MacBook Pro (bear with me here...) to install some more RAM. After removing the case, I couldn't help notice some dust and even cat hair in the internals of the computer (yuck)! This reminded me of the days when I used to have a tower. The thing was notoriously dirty. Dust, pet hair, dander, and whatever else would just pile up in the intake filters for fans and settle all over the internal components. I'd take the computer case out back every few months and give it a... Read more →

by drycoff

Liquid Cooling -- Any Drawbacks?
I'm thinking about possibly building my next PC. My current one is likewise a custom rig, but my goal this time is a little different. I want high power, and I want silence... Of course, I'll get a SSD to ensure that disk noise is eradicated, but the next biggest noise maker on a PC are the fans. The way around this is a liquid cooling kit. Are there any drawbacks you folks are aware of with liquid cooling. Do you know whether its as effective (or possibly, better) than fans? Any info or...

by dave

What did you build your custom computer for?
It sounds like a lot of folks around the gdgt community have built their own custom gaming rigs. I want to know what it was specifically for? Is there a specific game that you had to play? Myself? I'm thinking of putting together a new machine specifically for Battlefield 3 (64 players on PC vs. 24 on a console? Come on!). Though being able to run either Civilization IV or Civilization V without one turn taking an hour to complete would be pretty nice too! The last gaming PC I built was... Read more →