August 1st 2011 12:51 pm


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by IntrepidChuck

Is there a way to switch Players on PC with Xbox 360 controllers.
Here's what my problem is. I have a PS3 Navigation controller connected to Bluetooth emulating an Xbox 360 controller as Player 1.

Anytime I plug in an actual Xbox controller, its Player 2.

Some games, mainly Dirt 3, only allows menu navigation from Player 1.

With the Windows Xbox 360 driver, is there a way to switch players, or am I doomed to uninstall, and reinstall drivers to reassign players?

Help? :(

by MooCow123

Would this Custom Gaming PC work, and would it meet recommended computer requirements for future games?

I'm trying not to push over-budget, if you could, suggest parts that might be found for a lower price or better for about the same price. I do not have the hard drive because I am planning on swapping it to this new build. Also, I would like to know, if I'm swapping hard drives with windows OEM, will this cause complications with new drivers?

by AkAMOtS

XBOX 360 or Upgrade for PC
Following the rumours of the next generation called Xbox 720, i am now confused. I was planning to buy Xbox, but now I am thinking of an upgrade for PC would be better. I cant wait for E3 2012 to announce the Xbox news officially because it will be aired in July. What should I do?
My current desktop specs:
Intel Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20 Ghz 3.19 Ghz
4 Gb RAM DDR3 2.99 Usable
32 bit OS Windows 7
Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT
With these specs, i dont play games at extreme graphics, but with some decent... Read more →

by jdillingham

What is the best way to share an Apple 27" LED Display with a MacBook Air (ADC) and a PC (DVI or VGA)
I am currently running a setup that has two monitors each paired with two computers (my Macbook Air + 27" LED Display and my PC + Asus 21.5" Monitor), and would like to get rid of my older Asus monitor, extra desk and simply plug my Apple Macbook Air into my Apple 27" LED Display when I need to as well as use this same monitor for my PC. From what I've seen there is little out there that will allow this. Any good product solutions would be appreciated, if they even exist. I realize there is at... Read more →

by SirDanMartin

Will this custom PC build work? and How future proof is it?
Hey guys, im going to build a custom gaming pc. I done a ton of reasearch and have come up with a list of parts that i think look good for me. However im no expert and was wondering if anyone with good knowledge of pc building could let me know if these parts are all compatable and will work together? Also is this good enough to be a good gaming pc that will last a couple of years with only a few minor adjustments. I have included an ebuyer quick find no. for each part at the end. Gigabyte... Read more →

by dave

How do you keep your computer case (and its internal components) clean?
Last night, I took apart my MacBook Pro (bear with me here...) to install some more RAM. After removing the case, I couldn't help notice some dust and even cat hair in the internals of the computer (yuck)! This reminded me of the days when I used to have a tower. The thing was notoriously dirty. Dust, pet hair, dander, and whatever else would just pile up in the intake filters for fans and settle all over the internal components. I'd take the computer case out back every few months and give it a... Read more →

by dave

What is your preferred gaming keyboard?
Alright, it's that time again -- another gaming PC question. For those of you who do a lot of gaming, what keyboard did you decide to go with? I've been looking at the Microsoft Sidewinder X4 since it has a few features I like. For one, it doesn't look obnoxious, it has a backlit keyboard, extra keys for macros, and it's wired (I'm tired of changing batteries). What did you decide to go with, and why?

by dave

Why do you have an AMD or Intel CPU in your custom gaming PC?
Alright, for those who've built a computer -- which processor did you go with? The Intel Core i5 / i7 Sandy Bridge variants are super slick. But they also cost a pretty penny over the AMD equivalents. It looks like one can get an AMD Phenom II X4 975 Black Edition Quad-Core CPU for pretty cheap. If you pair it with a decent graphics cards, are you going to be taking a huge performance hit compared to a Core i5? Is it a worthwhile investment to go the AMD route, or would you just go all in with a...

by dave

What did you build your custom computer for?
It sounds like a lot of folks around the gdgt community have built their own custom gaming rigs. I want to know what it was specifically for? Is there a specific game that you had to play? Myself? I'm thinking of putting together a new machine specifically for Battlefield 3 (64 players on PC vs. 24 on a console? Come on!). Though being able to run either Civilization IV or Civilization V without one turn taking an hour to complete would be pretty nice too! The last gaming PC I built was... Read more →