August 1st 2011 12:51 pm


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by dave

My early DOS gaming memories
Recently, I was browsing some random Abandonware websites (dedicated to those old computer games that are mostly long forgotten) and it ended up turning into a crazy stroll down memory lane. As a child, I spent countless hours in front of dimly lit CRTs playing all sorts of games. These represent some of my earliest memories of gaming. It's crazy!
That mainly has to do with the fact that growing up, I never had any of the early gaming consoles (Atari, Nintendo, etc), but thanks to my dad being a... Read more →

by dave

Steam In-Home Stream: Get your game on almost anywhere?
I've love the idea of cloud gaming -- basically streaming a game from another machine or server and being able to play it fairly seamlessly. Past services such as OnLive gave me a taste of this future, but failed to deliver a solid user experience.
We're starting to see more companies work on cloud gaming services, most notably PlayStation Now and Steam's In-Home Streaming service, which emerged from beta today. I'm pretty excited about the potential of this!
I've... Read more →

by PhilipPalermo

Magic Mouse-like alternatives for the PC?
Hi all,
I reached out to y'all for help looking for a mechanical keyboard a while back (thanks everyone!) and now I'm back with the next question: Who makes the best PC alternative to Apple's Magic Mouse?
A couple caveats:
I've actually come to like the Magic Mouse, mostly for its trackpad-like qualities. Like a lot of folks, I initially disliked the Magic Mouse (actually, I hated it at first), but I've changed my mind after about a year of ignoring it.
  • I'd love a PC mouse that fits my hand better...
  • Read more →

    by TimSeppala

    The Engadget Game Club
    Taking a page from our database czar Kris, I thought that a good way to encourage us to finish a game a month would be to have a place where we could talk about what we're playing. Today marks the release of the survival horror game Outlast on PS4 (finally!) and I thought this would be a great place to start. It's a free download if you're a PS+ subscriber, or $20 if you aren't and I'm going to imagine it isn't... Read more →




    by dave

    Alright, who will be playing the Battlefield 3 beta and on what system?
    It's one of the most anticipated games of the year. I've long been a Battlefield fan over the Call of Duty series, so I'm super excited. Are you?
    I plan to dive into it via PS3 this weekend. (Find me on PSN: "rockbandit007")

    What system are you going to be playing on? Maybe we should create a gdgt platoon! (And if I ever seen "[gdgt]" in all caps, that's grounds for immediate court martial.)

    by JasonTsay

    Razer "PC Gaming is Not Dead" teaser
    So this viral video by Razer is floating around the internet claiming "PC gaming is not dead" and that something exciting is coming on 8.26.11. Any guesses as to what they plan on announcing? The company recently announced the "revolutionary" first true 7.1 gaming headset but they did also show off that Switchblade prototype a while ago.... Does that even count as PC gaming? Promo site - Video -