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PC Mag May 30, 2014

Constructed with premium materials and a quad-HD display, the Dell Precision M3800 is a high-end mobile workstation for the on-the-go graphics artist, architect, or engineer. It's a solid choice for detail-oriented workers.

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TechRadar Feb 20, 2014

Its sleek looks, tough build, thin frame and light weight all make the M3800 an attractive, desirable technology item that justifies its considerable price.

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DaveOne DaveOne

The body engineering is not quite up to the MBP retina display, the finish on the hinge is rough where it is moulded plastic sprayed silver, the mat rubberised finish that looked good on the touch pad and palm rest is now gloss after 8 days where I have been using it, the touch pad is good and...

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Inbetween Inbetween

Summary: after 30 years using a PC, I am switching to a Mac. largely thanks to this M3800 and Windows 8.1 experience. M3800 is supposedly to be a high end laptop which I bought for my development purposes. Right off the box, it was configured to have its HDD as the primary drive and SSD as the...

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Logidelic Logidelic

Background: I am a computer programmer with about 20 years of experience building, buying and using computers. Researching a new PC laptop, I was aiming for a desktop replacement for my work (i.e. as powerful as I can get) with a form factor comparable to my old MacBook Pro. After much...

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lionelhutz12 lionelhutz12

Bottom line, I would not buy it again. It's looks beautiful online and in person, but it performs poorly. I develop software, so I have 16g of RAM and the fastest processor you can get and I have not seen a noticeable difference from my last machine with 4g of RAM and slower processor....

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tonjiosd tonjiosd

I purchased on June 8, 2014 a Dell Precision M3800. The first laptop shipped to me had hardware and software issues: the laptop could not be connected to external monitors (after days of troubleshooting with Dell and different drivers tried, the diagnosis from Dell was that the laptop had...

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