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The Dell UltraSharp U2312HM is a slightly smaller sibling of the gdgt-recommended U2412M. It has the same great viewing angles, good color reproduction, and the same set of inputs (DVI, DisplayPort, VGA). You can seven switch from portrait to landscape by swiveling the monitor, just as you can with the U2412M. So, what's different? Basically, this monitor is a 23-inch display, vs the U2412M's 24 inches, and sells for about $50 less. We think that extra inch of screen space is worth it, but if you want to spend a little less — or have a little less real estate available on your desk, the U2312HM is still a good choice.

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FlatPanelsHD Sep 27, 2011

... I think the U2312HM deserves the same recommendation that we gave U2412M, simply because it offers almost the same picture characteristics at a lower price (and smaller size).

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taoybb taoybb

Great picture , Contrast and color very accurate , Very good for long term use..... Spend many hour with it but still fine to do thing on computer. But QC is quite bad... I have two of them and both have a bit different color

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jarachnas jarachnas

I really love these monitors, their color accuracy is phenomenal, I have three set up in landscape and I couldn't be happier. Picture Quality: I had an LG Flatron E2340V before getting these and though it said that it was an ISP panel next to these the colors looked off, but these are wonderful....

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soren121 soren121

Bought this monitor to replace an aging 19-inch Samsung monitor, and I couldn't be happier. It's a very bright monitor with vibrant and accurate colors, with a gorgeous, understated slim black cabinet. The stand is fantastic, with adjustments in every direction (swivel, rotate, height, and tilt.)...

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odysseus odysseus

Great monitor with excellent viewing angles. I needed/wanted an IPS display for editing pictures, the U2312 is leaps and bounds ahead of the Samsung 2333HD in terms of picture quality. 4 USB ports, DisplayPort, DVI. Not really an issue for me, but there is no HDMI. I have this monitor at my...

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naveenarur naveenarur

Not having a HDMI port sucks but otherwise it is the best Monitor I have ever used. It is so lightweight. You can rotate, tilt and swivel to you heart's content.

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