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  • Speed and features Advertised as "instant on" - yet boot times varied wildly from standby - from a few seconds to nearly a full minute - without indication the system is waking poor
  • Design and form factor Rigid chassis, very thin, good finish, nice materials. good
  • Battery life with wifi off and screen brightness down, I managed just 3-3.5 hours of use in MS Office apps - not enough for a transcon flight. awful!
  • Display No comments so-so
  • Durability No comments
  • Expandability No comments poor
  • Noise unbelievable, near constant high pitch buzzing. a quick search shows others have experienced the issue, but Dell support isn't aware and has no solution awful!
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments great!
Detailed review
Dell sent out a tech for on site support to investigate the incessant high pitch buzzing. The tech heard it, replaced the screen, buzzing persisted. It's less noticeable in a busy office environment, but from my home office or in a quiet hotel room the noise is immediately apparent. I've since moved on to a very different machine (MacBook Pro 15 w/Retina) more appropriate for my needs.

Overall the XPS L322X is a fine lightweight notebook for email, web surfing, and basic office productivity for businesses and users that prioritize budget over all else.