November 10th 2013 5:03 pm

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  • Speed and features Powerful components - but completely inadequate cooling. poor
  • Design and form factor Feels and looks very well crafted. The inside and the keyboard feel especially nice. great!
  • Battery life I think i get about 5 hours of light usage. good
  • Display Looking really nice. Although a lot of programs look a lot worse after scaling up. great!
  • Durability It's still new but it feels sturdy enough. great!
  • Expandability No comments great!
  • Noise Pretty quiet but rarely dead silent. good
  • Portability (size / weight) Really thin sort of light. great!
Detailed review
The good:
  • Good keyboard and touch pad, the rubber-like surface feels nicer than any competitor.
  • Touchscreen feels good with windows 8.
  • High-res display looks really sweet.
  • Battery lasts quite long.
  • Boots in <10 seconds with an SSD of course.
  • Available with 16 GB RAM - most competitors cap out at 8 GB.
  • Cheaper than Macbook Pro.
  • The speakers have a solid sound - they don't sound too tinny.
  • Not too much clutter software.
The Bad:
  • The inadequate cooling renders Geforce 750m completely useless, after about 20 minutes of decent GPU load (not even stress testing) - the laptop will throttle the GPU into the ground for about 5 minutes - disregarding the actual temperature readings.
  • The bottom side can get quite hot - the palm rest and keyboard stay really cool and comfy though.
  • Dell's update software has no automation at all...updating it's ~20 drivers manually is quite a bother.
  • Touchscreen sometimes stops working and goes into sleep mode since Dell didn't manage to configure the usb driver correctly. It's an easy fix though.
  • They didn't even bother installing a high resolution wallpaper... it's really nothing but I mean come on..
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