November 10th 2013 5:03 pm

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  • Speed and features i7 quad core and GT750 GDDR5, you can't get better than this on an ultrabook form laptop great!
  • Design and form factor light, slim, powerful great!
  • Battery life It's okay, for a powerful machine ... definitely not as good as my VAIO Z good
  • Display 3200X1800 screen produced by sharp, great colour reproduction, and really sharp details great!
  • Durability Looks durable, with aluminium chassis and carbon fiber base great!
  • Expandability No DVD-ROM, I can understand, who uses that anyways... but no RJ45 and VGA is just not convenient, but I guess they are rarely used these days good
  • Noise don't hear any great!
  • Portability (size / weight) It's only 2kg, fits in my laptop nicely great!
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Definitely love it, as a replacement of my VAIO Z, it is light and thin, with powerful sepcification and a gorgeous screen, just everything I am looking for here

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How are the keyboard and the touchpad? Is the keyboard precise? Are you missing any keypresses? Is the touchpad precise? How is it compared to an Apple-touchpad?

The keyboard is as good as my almost-three-year-old VAIO Z, and touchpad is different, I am still not used to it , but definitly better than the Mac Book ones ...

I think the macbook touchpads are the best in the industry. I've never tried a laptop with a better touchpad. I've used touchpads from HP and from IBM/Lenovo which were great, but they were all too small and lost to mabcook over all. Samsung and Asus are not even close. So if this one can hold it's ground to macbook it's a no-brainer. I'm going to buy this laptop when it is available in my part of the world. :)