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First Looks

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Wired UK Oct 2, 2014

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the XPS 15 is the 15.6-inch touchscreen, which has whopping 3,200x1,800-pixel resolution -- seriously impressive for a display of this size and a big boost from the 1,920x1,080 pixels found on the earlier version.

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product preview
TechRadar Oct 3, 2013

The XPS 15 is stylistically similar to the XPS 13, with a matte casing that's twinned with aluminum trim around the edges. It also features a roomy trackpad and full-sized chiclet-style keyboard.

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product preview
The Verge Oct 2, 2013

Like its obvious competitor, Apple's MacBook Pro with Retina display, Dell's finally done away with the DVD drive, allowing engineers to shave off 5 millimeters of thickness since its 2012 predecessor while cramming in more performance at the same time.

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product preview
Techno Buffalo Oct 3, 2013

The XPS 15 is a very nice 15-inch Windows 8.1 touch-display laptop with few frills to offer besides the usual customization options. It’s a heavy computer, but it has some solid hardware and its display offers deep and rich colors with a resolution of 3200 x 1800.

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iamserious iamserious

I've been using the Dell XPS15 for months now and I've never been happier with a computer purchase, it is so amazing quick to start up and get going with a 500gb SSD and 16gb of ram it flies along at a blistering pace. It is a great that it came with Windows 8.1 so I didn't have to suffer through...

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