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  • Ease of use It is the same interface as the previous FIOS DVR good
  • Design and form factor It is much smaller and less heat and the design is much better. great!
  • Storage capacity Has a lot of room for sotrage and upgrade capabilities great!
  • Expandability Has a lot of tuners so you can record lots of shows at once. great!
  • Other features (networking, etc.) Slow interface has me considering to return this! poor
Detailed review
First off, I have only used this for a few hours. The interface seems almost exactly the same as my previous FIOS DVR. It was simple to setup and even imported my favorites channels somehow...(must have been stored in the cloud) I have not called tech support about my primary beef and it may just be a matter of working out the kinks of a new solution. I believe only a couple cities have this solution available and I am one of the first in Dallas area.

The box is impressive in its overall more efficient and modern design. It allows me to watch my DVR from other rooms that have a box as well. However, I use the down arrow to open the "browse channels" every time I watch TV in place of the Guide button and it take about 3-5 seconds after I hit this for it to pop up...it is about a half second response when I browse up or down but then another 2-4 seconds when I hit the Ok button to tune that channel. The good news is that if you are used to hitting the Guide button, that seems top work much better, but still a little slower than the previous top of the line DVR box FIOS gave me. Overall I am disappointed. The new features are used less frequently then the daily browsing I do on a regular basis. Since this is a VERY new component, I am hoping they will work out the bugs and get the response time fixed.

Until they get the response time of the interface fixed, I am not happy.

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Adding additional note. Another bug I found is that when I am flipping through my "Favorites 1" channel lineup; it will randomly stop working and start including ALL channels, even though it says "Favorites 1" filter is on. I need to go into the "Favorites 1" settings section and either add or delete a station to it and then save it and it starts working again...until it happens again (seems to happen every other day)..VERY frustrating.

I was given excellent customer service and they say they are aware and working on these bugs. I will give it another week before I put my old box back inline until they are fixed.

This is not ready IMHO and I am not happy for the "upgrade"!

Adding additional notes: I am almost at the end of my Wick with Verizon FIOS TV. I called to ask when the bugs would be resolved. They assured me it would be the upcoming Thursday. They also talked me into changing my plan, so I did. This was 3 weeks ago. The bug fixes are not fixed, the plan has not changed even after calling 5 separate times asking them what is going on. The last two times I was speaking to supervisors who assured me they would follow up and call me within 24 hours. Neither one of them did. (The last one was a woman named Shanequal, or something like that). On top of that FXX and one other channel come in VERY spotty and unwatchable. I am so upset with these guys and about to dump them entirely!

I just got my Fios vms and 4 client boxes and i just love them. Set up was a snap and they just did an update that took away some of the glitches in the guide. I solved my favorites problem by hittibg the guide button and hitting my fav button and then hitting the options button and selecting my fav 1 as a filter ,and that solved the problem.
I believe i had to do that on the old version of the guide for the original Cisco boxes i had when i first got Fios in 2011.

The favorites filter does seem fixed in the update; however it still takes 3-5 seconds when I hit the down arrow to bring up the mini guide and then another 3-4 seconds when I hit OK to actually watch the channel. This bug is not fixed.