by gadgetoiduk

As I can't yet add a review the normal way
You can read my review of the Dingoo A320 below: http://www.gadgetoid.com/2009/06/06/dingoo-a320-re... Mine is now set up with a linux dual boot and demnu, it works pretty damned well but there's clearly a long, long way to go before we have a viable linux firmware with an established set of conventions for game installations/file organization and so forth. Out of the box, though, I'm absolutely stunned up the Dingoo A320s Gameboy Advance emulation. One of the videos in my review shows... Read more →

by mattjb

Looong wait to get one from DealExtreme
I bought one over a week ago, and it got stuck at "Processing - Contact us for updates". So I contacted them for an update, twice, and 5 days passed without a response. I ended up requesting a refund, as I needed the money back to pay a bill that surprised me. Eventually I plan on ordering one at ThinkGeek, and hopefully the wait won't be as long. I hear people have to wait a very long time when ordering one from DealExtreme (months, even.) The prices are great, but you'll have...