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The Atari Arcade may not turn your iPad into a virtual Atari 2600, but it definitely makes playing classic Atari games a lot more fun. While it can't beat the Ion Audio iCade for sheer retro brilliance or flexibility (it only works with Atari games), at $60, it's cheaper, and is easier to hook up to your iPad.

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Engadget Sep 7, 2011

We'd say the Atari Arcade takes the high score if you're in it for the control and not the looks. Sure, it may not be as pleasing to the eye or have Bluetooth support, but the Atari Arcade didn't need to eat batteries and served us well as a retro gaming pad.

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Wired Nov 21, 2011

If you’re looking for the experience without the headache of hooking up a true 2600 to your digital TV, this is a good solution. If you’re looking for a portable solution that can easily travel to the grandparents (or to a friend’s house), this is also a good solution.

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PC Mag Oct 14, 2011

Unless you’re a die-hard Atari fan, this limited and wiggly-feeling joystick for the iPad is little more than a quick diversion.

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PC World Feb 15, 2012

If it had charging capabilities, the Atari Arcade could make up for its mediocre performance and features by bridging the gap between novelty accessory and indispensable office ornament, acting as both a stand and a fun, decorative console. But in the end, it feels too limited.

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