August 9th 2009 11:45 am

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  • Ease of use No comments
  • Design and form factor No comments
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  • Expandability No comments
  • Other features (networking, etc.) No comments
Detailed review
plus points
1) dual tuner
2) dual tuner
3) dual tuner allows you to record 2 programs at once
4)rf pro remote

minus points
1) looses signal very easily...even more easily than normal dosnt seem to get as good a lock on as older non dvr recievers the signal page even says so but echostar SWEARS this is just a programming error and its really just as good
2) whenever they push an update its acts up for a week or so afterword
3)rf pro remote signal is weaker than in my prevous reciever. can ahve a hard time changeing channels sometimes.

not bad value as a loner from dish but I wouldnt buy it