January 18th 2013 3:57 pm


by Dignan17

Do you still have to pay an arm and a leg for the apps?
The reason I returned my Slingbox was because the quality was pretty bad on Android, and the apps cost a ridiculous $30. That's $30 for the phone version of the app and another $30 for the tablet version. Despite no UI difference in the apps, they still made you pay again for a tablet version, which was ridiculous.
Still, I paid it, and would have lived with the cost if the apps had worked well. The audio was AWFUL on my Android devices, and the performance of the product in general was pretty...

by baileylo

Why is this still tied to the Dish Network
Why doesn't Dish start selling the Hoppers on a subscription model that is not affiliated with their content network like other Home DVR systems? I think this would increase their customer base and allow them to compete with Tivo and other non-packaged Home DVR systems on a level playing field. I'm don't for see myself switch this device because I don't plan on switching my TV service. But if you could build me something to replace an aging Tivo I'd be interested.