July 14th 2009 4:16 am


by Blackneto

I'm on my third one of these.
glad I bought the service plan The 1st one was okay but remote response seemed a little slow. We had it for a year. a month ago it finally started giving errors all the time (I forget the numbers) errors were that the "smart card wasn't authorized" and "internal communications error" Dish quickly sent out a replacement. The 2nd one worked sort of. it randomly wouldn't pause during live tv. it took a week of troubleshooting with Dish before they finally agreed to...

by jakenjill

"Better than TiVo" ... Yeah, right.
cnet lost all my respect when they declared thins thing to be "Better than TiVo." What a crock! Two of my biggest gripes: 1. If you press record in the middle of a show, even though the show is fully cached in the memory (meaning you can rewind to the beginning), the DVR will record the show from the point you pressed record, NOT from the beginning of the show. If you want to record from the beginning, you have to manually "rewind" to the beginning of the program, then press... Read more →