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camleon18 camleon18

For years I had been using two separate hard drives to protect myself from hardrive failure. I had thought a lot about using an older PC to create an Ubuntu server with RAID and had even bought a book on how to do it. I have learned that time is a valuable thing, however, and decided to buy a...

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theblahman theblahman

Having been in love with the look and idea of a Drobo ever since they came out, I was pleasantly surprised. I'd read and heard hundreds upon hundreds of complaints about the Drobo, but I decided to bite the bullet and purchase one. Like I mentioned before, I was pleasantly surprised to...

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Microxot Microxot

First Drobo I purchased and I like it, even through the DroboFS is a better option. I had intended to get the DroboShare for the Drobo 2nd Gen to make it a NAS, until I found out it would only work through the USB ports.. Which is stupid since FW800 faster than USB 2.0. The Drobo 2 works...

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jakedeg jakedeg

I have had major data/file system corruption issues with 2nd Generation 4-Bay Drobo. Like FIVE TIMES. It's terrible. I saved my money and bought the overpriced shiny Drobo due to the promises that it would "just work" and the peace of mind I would have knowing that my data was safe...

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jpc82 jpc82

I am a big fan of this device as a backup drive where you can dump lots of data and easily retrieve it. But if you want something that is fast and will be used for lots of reads and write, look for another solution. I currently have 2x1.5TB WD Green and 2x1TB WD Green drives in it and I...

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klock379 klock379

It is really a simple and safe storage solution that comes with failover and redundancy. An ideal and inexpensive solution for folks who just want to have the peace of mind without having to spend time to learn about different types of RAID or the headache to actually create and manage one.

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LinkTree LinkTree

This looks like the best solution for none tech ppl. But it doesnt deliver - had several issues with this product including one time I sent it back for replacement. Three times I found myself loosing all data where Drobo as a solution should not do that. One time - the unit died on my! (my luck...

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cliffatgdgt cliffatgdgt

I have a drobo with drobo share. It is a really simple to use, very professional product. It is simple to manage for basic requirements. The replacement of disks and expandability of it is quite amazing, however it requires a little bit of hacking to get it working as a time machine over the...

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speedjet speedjet

This Drobo unit has been great at backups. I don't run it all the time or have it set as a media server. I've only had one hard drive go bad, and adding a replacement drive went fine. Though it took a couple days to finish rebuilding the terabyte drive. I've also had it restore an image when...

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lanbui lanbui

The drobo is slow and does not work with other FireWire devices. I've been on a support ticked for over a month and all they can say is to not use the drobo with other FireWire devices... Lame.

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DodgerWA DodgerWA

Was very impressed with the packaging and apparent physical quality. Unfortunately, after installing the software and plugging it in the unit turned out to be Dead On Arrival. When the Drobo enclosure is plugged in, * the green light on the power brick dims to off, * no lights come on on the...

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