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Drobo is known for bringing easy-to-use professional storage to consumers with their BeyondRAID technology. The Drobo 5D is their latest storage array, featuring 5 drive bays with USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connections to the host computer. In addition to this, Drobo also includes an mSATA slot if you want to increase the performance of your Drobo. All these improvements add up to a file copy experience that Wired calls "very fast" and MacLife calls it one of "the fastest Drobos ever." Unfortunately, there is one downside to the 5D, and that's noise. Popular Photography says that even with an improved fan, the 5D "can be loud enough to notice," so keep that in mind when placing it on your desk. The Drobo 5D isn't cheap, and it lacks an Ethernet jack for network connectivity but the combination of speed, easy-to-use software, and USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt ports make this a good option for professionals needing a backup solution.

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Wired Jan 17, 2013

If you are looking for a drive solution that just works and can help ensure that it will be along time before you run out of space, ensure that you can get to your data quickly, and have the confidence of a backup, I would head over to the Drobo website and check it out.

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MacLife Jan 10, 2013

The release of Drobo 5D ... ushers in a new era for the company’s small business and creative professional storage products, finally delivering the speed we’ve always craved, while retaining the classic security and ease of use Drobos are legendary for.

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Popular Photography Dec 14, 2012

Should you buy it? The 5D is ultimately an expensive tool that does what it is designed to do—provide fast access to mission-critical, redundant data, and lots of it—extremely well. But it’s not a one-stop backup solution.

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TrustedReviews Feb 19, 2014

... limiting Thunderbolt access to Mac OS is a significant flaw and the price tag is higher than you would expect to pay for a high quality four-bay NAS. As such we find the 5D to be an even more niche product than we expected, but it is a good one.

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gprs gprs

Brutal. Bad enough that I created an account with Engadget for the sole purpose of reviewing this and hopefully save someone some trouble. The Drobo RAID is not industry standard. It's software RAID that doesn't report properly. I put 4 4TB drives in it and Windows reports 16TB of available...

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moetion1 moetion1

I am writing this review mostly to complain about the customer service--it sucks. I had the server go down during Christmas break (its a high school). When I came back it was dead. No power. Contacted our IT department. Once they contacted Drobo, the nightmare began. Without the server my whole...

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NeilPawson NeilPawson

The Drobo 5D should be nice piece of kit. It combines multiple disk drives into a single giant drive, which can cope with a single drive failure (you just pop it out and replace it with a new one). In reality it has cost me a fortune in additional drives, and has proven extremely unreliable. I...

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ricric ricric

Easy to setup and use. Once formatted using the DROBO Dashboard application it was a simple matter to partition the single DROBO volume into (in my case) four separate partitions. One of these I assigned foe time machine. This has worked perfectly just like using Time Machine on an ordinary...

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Gurney Gurney

Replaced my Drobo 2nd generation with a 5D and it's already a lot more responsive via USB2 then the 2nd gen was via Firewire800. Can't wait to get a Mac with Thunderbolt to unleash its full potential. The 5D is rocksolid, works well, easy to use for everyone who's not that technical. I never...

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