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The Dropcam HD is "the easiest Internet camera we’ve ever set up," according to Maximum PC: "We mean it. To set up the Dropcam HD, you just plug the camera into your PC via USB." Despite that ease, the camera has some downsides. As Slashgear puts it: "Unfortunately video quality is only average, suffering particularly in low-light, though it’s reasonably smooth thanks to the 30fps refresh rate." The Dropcam HD also requires a service plan; a free plan gives access to realtime video, but access to recorded footage starts at $9.99 a month, something Laptopmag says "gives us pause," though the site concludes that it's still "a relatively inexpensive way to monitor your home or business from your smartphone or PC."

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PC Mag Apr 25, 2012

It's not cheap to store and access your past video footage, but the Dropcam HD surveillance camera is worth the price for its ease of use, great image quality in bright light, and decent picture even in the dark of night.

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CNET Nov 9, 2012

While the Dropcam isn't perfect and its performance will vary according to your network and existing equipment...I have no problem recommending it to someone looking for a video surveillance system that's easy to use, relatively affordable and reliable, and offers decent image quality, plus sound.

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Laptop Magazine Apr 25, 2012

The Dropcam HD is a marked improvement over the Stem iZon Remote Room Monitor. However, it's far more conspicuous, and having to pay a monthly fee to record intruders gives us pause. Home owners and small businesses who can foot the bill will appreciate the greater level of detail and versatility.

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SlashGear Feb 1, 2012

The Dropcam service is certainly easy to use, and there are handy sharing features, which allow you to send clips and images to others ... but it’s an expensive way of doing things. In the end, you pay for the privilege of Dropcam’s simplicity.

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Maximum PC Oct 3, 2012

All told, we’re floored by the Dropcam’s ease of use, and the device seems to have addressed every single weakness we’ve seen with other cameras—except for the limitations of the free plan.

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SmallCloudBuilder Apr 9, 2012

$149 for an IP camera that constantly sucks up a good chunk of your Internet bandwidth, doesn't allow you to tune that or any other settings and charges a minumum of $10/month to save even a snippet of video doesn't seem like a very good deal, no matter how sexy its user interface.

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GadgetMac Sep 9, 2012

If you're in the market for a solid and reliable remote monitoring camera with secured off-site video surveillance recording, we strongly recommend that you consider the Dropcam HD.

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The Gadgeteer Jun 30, 2012

Even though I am disappointed with the HD’s lack of color, I like the wider view and two way talk feature enough to recommend this WiFi camera. I’ve been using Dropcam for years now and it’s never let me down.

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bscoles bscoles

A web based Security/Monitoring camera. Can be used for free (after purchase price) for streaming only. For Recording/Review capability a monthly dvr plan is required. Currently $9.95 a month for 7 days of recording or $29.95 a month for 30 days of recording. There are discounts for paying by the...

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savvyMom savvyMom

I have purchased two cams. One constantly loses wifi signal and I know my wifi signal is strong as we can operate other devices with no issues. We did tests for this with DropCam support and our signal is just fine however I get more downtime than uptime with this cam. The second issue is...

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conradusa conradusa

During our week long test, we were never able to get the Dropcam HD to create accurate color. Black and Green appeared Pink and Magenta. Don't expect accurate color. DropCam's response was candid and I applaud them for that. "the color inaccuracy that you are noticing with your Dropcam HD's...

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timarnold000 timarnold000

So I had 12 of these on a network. Ease of connecting is very cool. However, I find the wireless antenna's in them are very poor. They continue to drop the signal. There is no way to run a network cable to them because it only has a usb port for connection. Which leads into cable tightness...

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