January 9th 2012 10:06 am

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  • Video quality Color issues that can not be currently corrected awful!
  • Sound quality Big echo without any mute surpression good
  • Design and form factor The unit requires it be attached by a usb cable that prevents easy mounting without bending the cable to fit good
Detailed review
During our week long test, we were never able to get the Dropcam HD to create accurate color.
Black and Green appeared Pink and Magenta. Don't expect accurate color. DropCam's response was candid and I applaud them for that.

"the color inaccuracy that you are noticing with your Dropcam HD's video is actually a side effect of the IR filter over your camera's lens. This filter is required in order for the night vision feature to function.

Unfortunately, this means that in certain lighting conditions with a lot of UV present, the colors will seem a little bit off. This is especially prevalent in sunny outdoor scenes."