January 9th 2012 10:06 am

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So I had 12 of these on a network. Ease of connecting is very cool. However, I find the wireless antenna's in them are very poor. They continue to drop the signal. There is no way to run a network cable to them because it only has a usb port for connection. Which leads into cable tightness and placement. Your decision to put this anywhere goes as far as the length of the cable.
- iphone + android + computer connection = sucks! The video is very choppy even on a 50 mb download and 5 mb upload internet connection.
- 720p equals only 1 mega pixel - Quality will still be somewhat grainy but a little better than D1, CIF DVR type system
- Huge bandwidth hog. They need their own network with their own internet line + your monthly cost to actually record video.
- worked on a network with only one camera and the lag was so great I had to wait about 3 minutes before the video feed showed me I moved the camera. (REQUIRES HIGH SPEED INTERNET)

Pro: There is no DVR/NVR to steal!. Able to connect multiple sites on the same account.
No need to hire a Camera Installer if you have wireless already!

Overall, I have found these camera's to be if-FY! If the internet is good and fast and you have 1 or 2 camera's you could use this. If your internet is DSL you will have problems, because DSL provides the lowest upload speed. Good luck on catching someone because by they time the video records the person is already out of the picture.

Don't get this! It super sucks! unless of course you only want one or two...But make sure your internet upload is fast (exceeds 1.5 Mb upload!)
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