October 10th 2013 9:31 am


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by dave

Nest just bought Dropcam.
Back in January, we had a healthy discussion after Google acquired Nest. Some of us were horrified by the idea ("now Google has direct access into our home!"), and some of us were excited by it ("maybe Nest will support open standards and foster a new home automation platform!"). See more here: http://www.engadget.com/discuss/google-buys-nest-noooooo-cry-people-everywhere-1ncv/
This evening, we find out... Read more →

by jonursenbach

Dropcam Pro – First Impressions
So I've been thinking about getting a camera to keep an eye on my dog (and house) while I'm out. I had previously had my eye on the Logitech HD Pro C920 (http://www.engadget.com/products/logitech/hd-pro/... but after talking with a friend and seeing how easy it was for her to get the Dropcam up and running I decided to pull the cord. It also helps that I had an Amazon gift card from a massive CoinStar redemption that covered more than half the cost of the camera.
The setup process... Read more →

by dave

Cheap alternatives to Dropcam with local storage
I bought a Dropcam Pro last month for both home security and to watch over our dog while we're out and about (even though it doesn't prevent him from eating furniture for fun). After using it over the past few weeks, I'm left with some really mixed reactions.
  • It's a pretty neat package. You basically just plug it into the wall and it's good to go.
  • 1080p video that looks good in a well lit environment. Plus a 130 degree view.
  • Sound is good too.
  • Night vision mode is nice as long as you're in a...
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by Dignan17

I don't understand
I don't really understand the craze about Dropcam. It's very well designed, that's true, but seems very expensive. It seems like you pay for the simplicity, which is understandable, but I think you pay a little too much.
For example, look at the Foscam line of cameras. Their most popular [indoor] model has pan/tilt, night vision, and is even capable of two-way audio (in/out ports, no mic or speaker), and it only costs $79 on Amazon. That means that for the price of two Dropcams, you could buy 5... Read more →