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conclusion:We're mixed

72 February 6th 2013 12:54 pm

The Powerstick+ will do exactly what it's supposed to do -- charge your gadgets, and also serve as a flash memory stick -- and it will do a decent job of both. Only problem is that it's not exactly the most portable of gadgets; the casing feels flimsy, you need to carry the cord (or cords) separately, and it's just generally bulky-seeming next to the devices it's best-suited for charging, like phones and tablets. You'd do just as well to buy a separate portable charger and flash drive, which will give you more capacity at half the price.

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kris kris

The Powerstick+ seems like a neat convergence idea initially, combination portable charger and flash memory, combined into one package so you don't have to carry both. And there are some advantages to the combination, mainly in that when you're using it as a flash drive you're charging it, too....

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