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The PowerTrip isn't the prettiest or most svelte of gadgets, but it's definitely something you won't mind taking out on the town as part of a well-stocked gadget bag. It can charge your phone, tablet, camera, or any other device that you can connect via USB, and there's some flash memory on board for a little extra storage, if you care to use it. The PowerTrip can charge via USB, wall plug, or even a solar panel built right into the device. What isn't built into the device are the cords for charging, meaning you have to carry more than just the charger itself if you want to use it on the road, but that's par for the course for portable chargers. Besides, if you're already carrying around a phone, tablet, and camera, maybe the bit of extra luggage won't matter, and you'll be glad to have it in a pinch.

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kris kris

If you're buying this thing for the flash memory, you're crazy. You can buy a thumb drive and get a lot more memory in a smaller form factor for a much cheaper price. Or you can buy a portable hard drive, maybe even an SSD, that will be the same physical size but will have an absolutely...

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MacKillop MacKillop

My kids run out of power on their Ipads all the time- bought a couple of these and problem solved. Solar option actually works very well (didn't expect that)! Came in handy on a couple of delayed flights as well.

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