January 20th 2010 3:38 am

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nathanmcgehee nathanmcgehee

I'm an avid amateur photographer and am admittedly critical of the photo quality of most consumer inkjet printers. While I haven't spent much time really putting the photo printing end of this machine through its paces, I have loved both the double-sided printing and wireless...

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almostcool almostcool

Great printer, scanner and copier. I purchased this used for about 70 bucks with inks. I use this printer mostly to print out 8X10 photos and it does a great good on them. Inks can get expensive if you go with standard epson inks. I found a few companies that sell replaces inks on amazon for 25...

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ImaginativeTrut ImaginativeTrut

Hate buying printers. there are too many choices and new ones always coming out. Bought this after much searching. Its great, big, but great. Does everything I need it too and more I cant figure out to do - word documents, graphics, pictures, dvd covers, cd labels, scanning docs. it...

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