January 20th 2010 3:50 am

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kaallard kaallard

I love this printer. I am going to school and need to fax a lot of things so this makes it easy for me. I like that it has options for different degrees of printing. If I do not care what the paper looks like (as long as its readable) I can print it in draft. In draft it is really quick. If I...

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jadobbs jadobbs

Great WiFi all-in-one. The memory card reader can double as network storage, which is faster, cheaper, quieter and more durable than networked hard drives.

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bytehead bytehead

I loved this printer, although I though ink costs were incredible, and the lag of actually getting a page out if it was the first page of the day could drive one nuts. I loved the ability to print directly onto CDs/DVDs. But the ink pad warning started happening after every print, and reading...

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