October 2nd 2011 6:42 pm

Heads up! A newer version of this product is out!


by dave

The quantified life: What kind of data are you tracking? Has it been useful?
Fitbit has long been a classic device for tracking how active you are. By itself, it won't make you healthier, but it helps give an awareness of what you're doing and what you could be doing better. And there's a ton of crazy devices like this! This is one of the reasons why wearables are becoming such a popular type or technology.
Anyway, since it's still early in the year, I'm wondering how many people are utilizing health, nutrition, or other services to track...

by frankspin

Fitness trackers and their impact on your life
Fitness trackers seem to be coming out from just about everywhere, almost as frequently as Bluetooth speakers. Nike just announced a new FuelBand, Fitbit seems to be dropping a new fitness device every six months, Withings has the Pulse and there is the incredibly data heavy Basis Band.
Despite the never ending stream and incremental updates (looking at you Fitbit), they still continue to be a popular category not just at gdgt but in the tech-sphere. A lot of people are turning them with hopes of... Read more →

by dave

What are your favorite gadgets right now?
It's been awhile! Let's talk about your favorite gadgets that you're using right now. Here's my list -- it's not necessarily the latest and greatest, but this is what helps me get through the day.
1. iPhone 5 - Yeah, yeah. A new edition is coming out soon with a new coat of paint and an oil change. But this thing is critical for me being connected each day. I'm sure if I was using a different phone, it'd also be at the top of this list.... Read more →

by llkats

Are personal tracking gadgets helpful or ultimately distracting?
I read this thoughtful article from the Morning News: (http://www.themorningnews.org/article/paris-and-t... about the author's experience with a FitBit and the behavior changes that occur when one quantifies an aspect of one's life (like steps taken, calories consumed, etc.) The end of the article mentions disappointment that comes from an experience that, for whatever reason, doesn't end up getting tracked. It reminded me of a very long bike ride that I took that I forgot to track... Read more →

by nitehawk

Suitable for various workouts?
When I work out I have a bevy of activities. I'll play basketball, football, racquetball, I'll run on the treadmill, ride my bike around the neighborhood, play the PS Move game The Fight: Lights Out, and sometimes I'll just do sit-ups and push ups while watching tv.
When I play the boxing video game I have to stand still and swing my arms while holding the motion controllers. I also do lunges, jump squats, high knees, etc as part of training my character in the game, but the most intense part is... Read more →

by kris

Which fitness website offers integration with the most devices?
There are plenty of apps that offer fitness tracking, and websites that allow you to manually track your fitness habits, and while many fitness devices have their own dedicated websites, they don't usually integrate with devices from other manufacturers. When you have different devices measuring different things, it might be useful to have them all collected in one place where you can get a better overall picture of your health. Which websites incorporate multiple devices into their fitness... Read more →

by kris

Are the new features of the Ultra enough to make you want to upgrade?
I just bought a regular Fitbit a few weeks ago, but I'm not as annoyed by my bad timing as one would think, because the new features don't make for a very long list:
  • Altimeter / stair tracking
  • New colors - blue and plum
  • Clock option on the display
  • Stopwatch
  • Personal greetings
The altimeter is the biggest improvement and perhaps the #1 reason to upgrade, but I don't think I climb enough steps to really miss having the feature. The colors don't make a difference because it's only the color on the... Read more →