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This basic version of the Fitbit fitness tracker won't tell you how well you've slept, and can't track your performance on a Stairmaster. But if you just need a device that will track your steps and calories burned, and can sync wirelessly with Fitbit's website and smartphone apps, the Zip is a good choice at a great price. If you want something more advanced, consider the gdgt Must-have Fitbit Ultra -- or wait for the Fitbit One, due out next month.

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PC Mag Sep 25, 2012

Another solid addition to the excellent Fitbit line of products, the Fitbit Zip gives price-conscious users a lower-cost smart pedometer to monitor their fitness.

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Wired Oct 4, 2012

... this is a great little pedometer and activity tracker. It’s fun to use, easy to setup and understand, and just plain works.

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CNET Apr 11, 2013

While I personally prefer wrist-style fitness trackers since they're easier to wear around the clock and don't dislodge easily, I have to say I'm impressed with the Fitbit Zip's functionality and ease of use. For a low $59.95, the Zip offers much of the abilities of its pricier competitors.

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Gizmodo Sep 19, 2012

It'd make a nice present for your mom or dad, and at $60, the price is right. ... it's hard to make a case for this thing over Fitbit's own newly-announced Fitbit One, which has an altimeter, tracks your sleep patters, and is visible at night. For $40 more you get a lot of additional functionality.

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ABC News Sep 17, 2012

But if you are looking for a simple fitness tracker that's easier to conceal than others from Nike or Motorola and now has mobile integration, the Zip is worth the $60. And now it's once again a few steps ahead of the competition.

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TechHive Oct 9, 2012

If the Fitbit Zip did everything it were supposed to do, I’d recommend it heartily to cost-conscious consumers interested in getting started with digital fitness tracking of this sort. It’s competitively priced, tracks what it says it will, and seems durable enough.

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PC World Australia Oct 12, 2012

The FitBit Zip's tiny design, long-lasting battery and wireless synchronising capabilities make it a great "clip and forget" device that should keep you motivated. However, the non-backlit screen and the lack of an altimeter to count stairs climbed are downsides.

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Pocket-Lint Dec 11, 2012

All in all, the Fitbit Zip is a simple and effective solution, but gives you plenty of options through the website and app if you have a wider lifestyle plan.

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TechRadar Oct 30, 2012

By counting calorie consumption with MyFitnessPal, which is automatically offset against Fitbit exercise offers a comprehensive management regime for weight loss.

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T3 Dec 27, 2012

The Fitbit Zip misses out on some of the nicer features found on the Ultra and lacks a great display ... but if you are looking for an affordable way to track a healthier lifestyle and don't want to shout about it, the Fitbit Zip is a good option.

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About Sep 29, 2012

The Zip has a suggested price of $59.95, which makes it expensive for a simple pedometer but is a very good price for one that uploads data to an app or computer and doesn't require an ongoing subscription fee.

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Fit Technica Nov 25, 2012

Everything works as it should here, but still, the Fitbit Zip is my least favourite of the Fitbit range. Its features are basic, its screen not that easy to see, and I didn’t find the tapping to change screen views very responsive.

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splatmatt splatmatt

This is definitely the best FitBit to date! Many of the reasons that would prevent me from wearing my FitBit Ultra have been eliminated with the FitBit Zip. The silicon case/clip is very secure and clips to a variety thicknesses. The older FitBit Ultra would need the included plastic holder to...

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skinnytigz skinnytigz

I was so excited when my fitbit arrived! Finally I could get a better idea of what exercise I was doing and how it was impacting my health. Except that it doesn't (except negatively). To see all the steps adding up and then NOT BEING ABLE TO SYNC them is the most frustrating experience ever....

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