September 1st 2011 2:45 am


by kris

Did you migrate back to Flickr?
Anyone who was on the Internet last week probably heard about the changes to Instagram's Terms of Service, where they say they can sell your photos to advertisers and other such commercial interests... at least, that's what everyone was going around saying. The Verge laid it out here:
Eventually they reversed course on the changes, but maybe it was too little, too late:... Read more →

by dave

The Fuji X10 seems like an interesting point and shoot camera, but I'm a little apprehensive after my experience with the X100.
Fuji announced their latest point-and-shoot camera today, the Fuji X10. It's basically a cheaper version of the X100, meant for your average consumer, rather than the X100's prosumer market. Specs: - 12 megapixels - f/2.0 zoom lens (28-112mm) - ISO 12800 - 2/3" CMOS sensor - Available in November, no word on price. The interesting thing is that the camera sensor in here is actually bigger than what you see in a Canon S90 / Canon S95. For comparison, the S90 / S95 has a sensor of 14.9mm -- the... Read more →