August 24th 2012 8:04 am

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  • Image quality stunning IQ because of this new X-Trans CMOS sensor and the good lenses Fuji provides great!
  • Video quality it is enough to take some basic footage but that's it so-so
  • Battery life I have no big complaints about that - but it is a good idea to take a spare one with you good
  • Design and form factor great looking, perfect ergonomic. Having a DSLR image quality in half the size is wonderful great!
  • Durability Fuji X-Series is well known for their build quality and durability so I assume this camera is no exception. great!
  • Speed (start-up time, lag) Starts up in a fraction of a second and has no noticeable lag great!
  • Ease of use I would give 6 of 5 for this category, because this is one of my most loved features of this cam. great!
Detailed review
I have been testing this gorgeous camera a couple of days now and I am more than impressed by
  • image quality. I would say, best in class and beyond. Fine details up to the level of SLRs with a much higher pixel count.
  • ease of use. Set the aperture with the left hand, check dof, white balance and exposure live in the viewfinder. Change some settings with the dials on the right side while watching the changes immediately and press the shutter
  • low light. this camera is an available light machine. I have taken shots up to 6.400 ISO and could not find any visible noice
  • beauty. I know this is up to the taste of the viewer, I love it. It is kind of different to most of the approaches of competitors and therefore outstanding.
Things I would like Fuji to improve
  • resolution of the back monitor. It is bright and clear but should get an upgrade
  • video shooting is very basic and lacks some quite useful features. This camera is not the best for taking movies
  • commitment to the APS-Sensor. I have heard (read) the first rumors that Fuji is working on a full-sized sensor (FF) which would kind of obsolete all lenses bought, because they cannot be used on an new FF-body.
All in all, I think, this is the best EVIL camera on the planet right now and I am looking forward for the next time shooting with this beauty.