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A multifunction printer can take care of your basic scanning needs pretty handily, but if you're looking to organize your loose papers, you'll want something with a bit more speed and features, which is where the iX500 comes into the picture. PC Advisor was able to "comfortably churn through 32.6 pages per minute," while Wired found the speed at which it scanned pages "blazing." The image quality isn't quite up to par with flatbed scanners, but as PC Advisor points out, "that that isn't their priority, and the ix500 is as good as any sheetfed we've seen for colour." The priority is to get you organized, and the iX500 has plenty of features to make that happen, like the virtual ScanSnap folder, which Wired said to "file this under the I Never Knew I Needed This Feature But Now I Do category." It also has wireless connectivity and can scan to your phone, which Boing Boing found handy "if I need to scan something and run out the door with it on my mobile device." If you're looking to get your clutter under control, the ScanSnap is a Must-have device for your desk.

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Wired Jan 7, 2013

If you’ve been telling yourself it’s time to get organized in 2013 ... start with getting your paper clutter under control. You’ll need a good scanner to do this, and you will be extremely satisfied with the iX500. It’s fast. It’s quiet. It’s powerful. It’s awesome.

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Macworld Jan 21, 2013

The ScanSnap iX500 is the clear winner in this face off, outdistancing Neat in hardware, software and wireless features. If you’re in the market for a desktop scanner, look no further.

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PC Advisor Feb 14, 2013

For new users the ix500 is a brilliant choice. Fujitsu has made it even more flexible at feeding paper, while adding an extra dollop of speed and improved detail reproduction. It's not cheap, but this is the best of its kind on the market.

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Boing Boing Jan 14, 2013

At $467, the iX500 doesn't come cheap. But when I think of how much time I've saved by not having to file and look for paper documents, it's a great deal.

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Computer Weekly Feb 1, 2013

The iX500 should be a staple piece of equipment for the office desk, perfect for the individual who does the most scanning, such as a secretary, and due to the wireless features, anybody in the office with a tablet can also easily access the joys of ScanSnap.

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Cult of Mac Feb 1, 2013

The ScanSnap iX500 is designed to be easy to use, implementing several innovative features. Since the scanner can handle up to 25 documents per minute, it has technology built in to make sure that only one sheet passes through at a time, eliminating time consuming paper jams.

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Rot Rot

I finally committed to going paperless a few months ago, and this device was the cornerstone of that effort. Paired with Evernote for cloud access, the ScanSnap has literally emptied drawers of files and made the data much more accessible. Basically as long as I have my phone, I can get to all...

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evenprimes evenprimes

Over the last couple of weeks I've been converting to a paperless system. The iX500 was the most recommended scanner and know I see why. It's fast and trouble free. I scanned over 1000 pages in the last couple of weeks and I only had 1 jam in that entire time, that was when I put the pages in...

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I was pretty surprised at how well this scanner works. Super fast, never jams. Software works pretty unobtrusively. It's really been a great purchase.

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a1nonymous a1nonymous

I work in a law firm that is currently going paperless and has been for over a year now, and i've inherited the scan snap desktop scanner. and at first i was "wow this is a great little gadget how convenient", but now i'm singing a different tune. So, far i do more of resetting the papers and...

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TxdoHawk TxdoHawk

If you ask someone who has gone paperless "what scanner would you recommend?" this is the one they will likely suggest to you, and for good reason: The ix500 chews through anything you throw at it with nary a complaint. The hardware is fast, robust and very unlikely to jam unless you really...

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