October 28th 2012 11:27 pm

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HaydenLucke HaydenLucke

In the end you are getting what you pay for. As my first laptop I wasn't disapointed but it did leave me wanting more. Personally I want a laptop that I can casually game on and I did not find it in this. It is a decent product and I would recomend to the person who isn't looking for something...

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cOgnaut cOgnaut

Mine came with an i3-2348M , not the Celeron B820 that Engadget lists in the specs sheet. CPU Benchmarks rates it as 1.78 times better than the Celeron, so make sure you check what CPU you're getting! I use it to work 40h/week. At work, I write about 200-500 words an hour, averaged out. My...

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