June 5th 2013 10:21 am


by CrazyPioneer

Face recognition lock- Your choice?
In recent years, more and more studies or industry products have conducted recognition to the physiological feature or behavioral expression which are peculiar to human body, and these techniques provide the optimum solution for the environment, which needs identity verification, access badges or high security.
If we can use our face to unlock our door, isn’t it a cool thing? What’s your opinions on face recognition lock?

by anishsomani

Security Solution using smart phones
Recently loads of start up have come up related to door locks, bicycle locks etc. and using a smart phone and apps to open them up or locks them with a bundle of other features in it.
Well its an awesome idea and looks like, its been grabbing loads of attention these days considering the increase in number of smart phone usage in daily life.
But one gap which we would notice is that each of these startups are meant for a particular element; be it a door or a bicycle.
How about combining all the... Read more →