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by frankspin

Let's get automated!
One of the benefits of computing is being able to take everyday tasks and making them simpler to accomplish. Over the years what we can do has gotten more and more powerful while also getting quite easy. It seems like an eternity ago I remember reading everyone going nuts over Quicksilver [http://qsapp.com]. Which since has been replaced by Alfred [http://www.alfredapp.com] or LaunchBar [http://www.obdev.at/products/launchbar/index.html ] as the go-to Spotlight... Read more →

by dave

Why do some Android apps require way too many invasive permissions?
Facebook's Messenger app wants access to basically everything on your phone. All of it! There's some commentary that seems to be popping up implying that this is a new thing and (rightly or wrongly) paints Facebook in a negative way.
The thing is, I feel like this sort of thing has been happening for a long time with Android apps. I think there's 2 ways to look at it:
  1. The cynical view that the companies want to mine all your data, ALL...
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by sas786

mobile operating systems
Hi all, seeing as most users on here have a good understanding of tech, i was hoping for a small request in getting some feedback through my questionnaire.
Im currently doing research on mobile os as part of my final year dissertation in computing and would be extremely grateful for those who could fill it out. Ive approached companies head on and they don't seem to have the time to spare 5 minutes (less than that even) to fill it out. No personal details are required, just simple information on... Read more →

by frankspin

How do you find new apps and software to check out?
While we all probably have the pieces of software we've come to rely on day-in day-out, I think we all can agree we're always open to finding new apps and software to try out. Aside from relying on news sources, like here at Engadget, app store suggestions and Twitter, where do you go to get recommendations for apps and software?
My favorites sites of late are the following:
The Sweet Setup (http://thesweetsetup.com/) -- this is a site started by Shawn Blanc where the focus is to pick the best... Read more →

by groovechicken

Leaving Google - Eternal annoyance is the price of liberty
[if you are impatient, just scroll down to the bottom to see the links to the articles in this series]
Forgive the adaptation of the popular 19th century quote, but it really is the best summation of the series of articles I am going to put together about my Exodus from the land of Google. Before I dive into how I have managed to replace Google services, though, I want to clear up why I decided to start breaking the chains of convenience.
Given Edward Snowden's recent disclosures of the universal... Read more →

by groovechicken

Sending Gmail to the Spam Folder
Of all the Google services I am kicking to the curb, I actually expected Gmail to be the most painful before starting this experiment (see the meta article for the back story on this series of articles - http://www.engadget.com/discuss/leaving-google-eternal-annoyance-is-the-price-of-liberty-1plj/). Surprisingly, though, it has turned out to be the least painful. In fact, I am even liking my new scenario for mail even better than the old "Gmail everywhere" strategy.
The reason I dreaded this... Read more →

by groovechicken

Replacing Google Voice
I knew before going into this exodus from Google (see the meta article for the back story on this series of articles - http://www.engadget.com/discuss/leaving-google-ete... that finding a replacement for Google Voice was going to be painful, and might not even be possible. I have sung the praises of this service since I first joined it when it was still GrandCentral. At that time, I had recently been through 2 different work-issued cell phones, with... Read more →

by frankspin

Could you live without Google products?
After Google shutdown reader, and with their bigger push of Google+, I'm noticing blog posts popping up a bit more with people moving away from Google services. Aside from the companies history of just axing products, the issue appears to be users are becoming uncomfortable with Google's changes that affect products across the entire web -- not to mention the sweeping change to Gmail, IMAP, XMPP is leaving some people unhappy.
I was trying to think about how difficult it would be to make this... Read more →

by dave

Share your home screen!
It's been awhile since we've done this, but share your smartphone's home screen below!

(For those who want to know how to embed images, just paste in a URL that links directly to the JPG | PNG | GIF image as a separate line in the comment and it will be embedded when you reply.)



by dave

What does "fragmentation" mean with regard to mobile operating systems?
A recent post on Engadget about Apple offering older versions of apps that don't support the latest operating system resulted in a number of comments about fragmentation. They were always along the lines of something like:
  • Oh, so Apple admits fragmentation?
  • See, Android isn't the only one with fragmentation problems!
  • Apple is fragmented too, hypocrites!
I see these sorts of replies a lot when it comes to Apple. But I don't think people making this claim really understand what is meant when people... Read more →

by kris

iOS fragmentation barely exists, according to Apple, but is it self-selecting data?
After mentioning that 93% of iOS users were using iOS 6 on their devices last week at WWDC, Apple has released it in handy pie chart form!
Fair enough, most people I know seem to upgrade iOS as soon as they get the chance.
This is presented in contrast to Android, which has a lot more fragmentation in its OS versions:
There are lot of reasons for... Read more →

by Met

Connecting Jawbone UP to your Devices?
So I just bought a Jawbone UP. I tried to connect it to my HTC One X, but it wouldn't connect on Android 4.1. I thought there was something wrong with the UP, but it worked just fine when connected on my iPad 4.

Anyone else have experience with connecting the UP band to other Android devices? How has your experience been?

by MarkFMB

Brando GADMEI E8-3D Tablet - Android 3D Tablet
Has anyone had hands-on experience with the Brando GADMEI E8-3D Tablet -- a new 8" 3D Android tablet? I believe that it was displayed at CES 2013. It replaced the T863-3d - which is on gdgt. The company web site indicates price $228 with shipping date about Jan 20, 2013. The company URL is: http://usb.brando.com/gadmei-e8-3d-tablet_p02992c0... -- Engadget had a hands-on video: http://www.engadget.com/2013/01/10/gadmei-3d-hd-pa...

by cass

Install Google Now on your ICS phone

If you're dying to get your hands on Google Now, you might not have to wait any longer. The peeps over at XDA developers figured out how to get this up and running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Only caveat is that this will only work on AOSP roms.
Here it is working on my Droid X running Cyanogenmod 9:
It's running a tad bit sluggish on my phone and the voice search doesn't work, but I get the card notifications for traffic,... Read more →

by marc

Do featurephones have a future?
According to a new study by Nielsen, two thirds of all new cellphone buyers are picking up smartphones instead of basic or feature models. Given that carriers are heavily subsidizing smartphones, with some now in the free tier, that may not be a big surprise. And smartphone market share is likely to keep going up. Back in February, according to Nielsen, smartphone and feature phone ownership levels crossed paths at 50%, with feature phones headed down, and smarties moving up.... Read more →

by ryan

An iPhone user five years later: I'm trying Android
Five years ago today the original iPhone launched. I remember it very well -- partly because it seemed like half the staff of Engadget was crashing at my place for the initial US release. The hype was totally out of control considering the first iPhone was a $600 unsubsidized 2G device on a single US carrier. Still, it felt like the future. It WAS the future. I've used every subsequent model of iPhone every day since.
A lot's happened... Read more →

by andrewkalies

Google I/O 2012 is less than a day away. What do you think we can expect?
Google I/O, the company's annual developer conference (think Apple's WWDC, but for Google) starts tomorrow in San Francisco and has the possibility to be a pretty big deal. Last year at I/O, the big unveiling was Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and Google Music. Now the big question is, what's going to happen this year?
Well, according to current rumors, we may see:
  • Android 4.1 (or 5.0) Jelly Bean?
  • Nexus tablet?
  • Google business-focused cloud service?
  • Project Glass?
Jelly Bean seems like a pretty good... Read more →