September 5th 2013 9:11 am

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by androeidb

M² Budget Android Tablet Feedback
Hey Guys,
Yesterday, myself and MasterMind Hardware and Logistics launched the M², a budget Android tablet that is fully featured, including as many features as possible without having a ludicrous price. The M² has the following specs:
7″ IPS Screen with a resolution of 1028*600
8GB Storage
3G Capable (850/1900MHz)
Dual Cameras at 1.9/4.9 megapixels with a LED flash
Quad Core Mediatek 8382 SoC (Four Cortex-A7 cores clocked at 1.3GHz)
Micro-SD card slot, Micro-USB Port, 3.5mm audio jack... Read more →

by dave

What in the bejesus is a "full OS"?
Over in the comment section, I had an interesting discussion on what constitutes a "full" operating system. Basically, it was about whether or not you can consider something like Android or iOS to be a "real" operating system (whatever that means). To me, this seems like such a bizarre distinction.
Our conversation went something like this:
Commenter: I like my tablets to have a full OS.
Me: What exactly is a "full OS"?
Commenter: Not iOS or Android
Me: Seriously, what... Read more →

by DGNY93

Which phone should I get, and should I wait?
It's time for me to upgrade my cellphone and I've been doing me research on which phone I should get or even if I should even get one. I've been using the iPhone 5 since it came out and had a go with the OnePlus One over the summer and loved the phone, only problem with that was that the battery does not come out. Now I have ordered the iPhone 6 Plus, and questioning if I should even get it. What phones are out there that people would suggest, or is there something coming out that would be...

by dave

Favorite fitness apps?
Now that HealthKit is live on iOS 8, there’s been a ton of app updates that enable support for Apple’s new service. In fact, it seems like health apps are all the rage right now, and even Google is jumping into the game with its Google Fit API [ ].
Long before HeathKit and this push toward centralized health and fitness data, there’s always been a number of fitness apps available in both the App Store and Google Play. What are... Read more →

by frankspin

Let's get automated!
One of the benefits of computing is being able to take everyday tasks and making them simpler to accomplish. Over the years what we can do has gotten more and more powerful while also getting quite easy. It seems like an eternity ago I remember reading everyone going nuts over Quicksilver []. Which since has been replaced by Alfred [] or LaunchBar [ ] as the go-to Spotlight... Read more →

by bugginout711

DLNA shortcuts?
Has anyone else figured out how to add a DLNA shortcut on their android phone? I'm using an LG G3 which supports DLNA but I have to go through settings and two other menus to get to the application and would prefer to create a shortcut there.

by frankspin

How are you keeping your online data safe from 'hackers'?
In light of the recent[1] Apple iCloud news[2], I think it's a good time as any for us to re-evaluate how we're keeping our data safe in the cloud. I have a few measures in place including some two-factor methods and completely random passwords. Unfortunately no solution is full-proof but any methods can help.
With nearly every photo coming from iCloud, I'm beginning to second guess my reliance on auto-back up services. I know SpiderOak is supposed to be all... Read more →

by dave

Why do some Android apps require way too many invasive permissions?
Facebook's Messenger app wants access to basically everything on your phone. All of it! There's some commentary that seems to be popping up implying that this is a new thing and (rightly or wrongly) paints Facebook in a negative way.
The thing is, I feel like this sort of thing has been happening for a long time with Android apps. I think there's 2 ways to look at it:
  1. The cynical view that the companies want to mine all your data, ALL...
Read more →

by jonfingas

IRL: Taking HTC's One M8 for a test drive
Check out the original post here:
The original HTC One was one of my favorite smartphones from 2013, but it was easy to see why you'd pass it up in favor of an archrival like Samsung's Galaxy S4 -- it just didn't have the battery life, camera quality or expansion to keep up. Fast-forward to 2014 and it's a different story. Most of those headache-inducing flaws have been fixed in the new One; indeed, my colleague Brad Molen suggested it was an... Read more →

by Beleynn

Tablet Suggestions
I'm choosing which tablet to buy (my first), and would like some suggestions.
In general, I'm an early-adopter. I'm on at least my 10th smartphone, I've built half a dozen high-end gaming PCs over the past 15 years, own numerous gaming consoles, etc, but I've never been able to justify the cost of a tablet.
When I'm at home, I have my PC and TV setup so that I can see all 3 screens at once, and usually have a casual game (some facebook game or whatever) up while I'm watching TV or a movie, or a... Read more →

by LandRovers

Your Greatest moments in Mobile Technology
Ok, so we've all have had our favorite moments of technology, and I'm wondering what are yours. Like the moment when the most useful feature you've ever used was announced or anything like that.

Mine? The announcement of iCloud at the 2012 WWDC. Also, the time I first got an iPhone.

Multiple moments are allowed!

by viz3rd

Chromebook FUSION
We all have a wish of Chrome OS and Android merger in near future. Well, Chromebook FUSION, is a concept that gives a glimpse of how the two OS will work in hand while giving a seamless experience. Read more →

by viz3rd

NEXUS PLAY Gaming Console
A new concept that tries to blend the best of Android and Gaming world in one Unique curved screen Gamepad Console.

by frankspin

Are digital magazine subscriptions worth it?
I've been contemplating picking up digital subscriptions for various magazines to help encourage me to read more on the weekends. The thing is, looking at the prices of something I feel like they may be a little overpriced. When I browse through the store a lot of them (if I can actually find them) don't even look like they're designed for tablets, offering nothing more than PDF scans of the articles.
I'm likely going to purchase a few issues before a flight to see if it's worth it, but I'm just... Read more →

by iDockMobi

Kickstarter ending soon, Why Wouldn't You Want In On This?
Why Wouldn't You Want In On This? I started this Kickstarter about creating a Platform that allows anyone, especially with NO Programming Skills to be able to get in the App environment and bring some of their ideas to life. Many people don't even think they can develop an app because it generally requires all a specific programming knowledge.
This platform is equipped to help beginners who can use... Read more →