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by frankspin

What new apps and games are you using (Late 2014 mobile edition)?
I know these come up somewhat regularly, but they're a lot of fun. I like exploring new apps and games, and since App store aggregation and suggestions are pretty awful this is a good way to get recommendations.
#Homescreen: Yet another product from the Betaworks teams. It's a dead simple, and probably boring to most, concept of a homescreen sharing service. But, like this thread it serves as a discovery mechanism for different apps and services.... Read more →

by vampyren

repy to emial notification broken?
I usually click on the reply link when someone replies to my comment which (if i'm lucky as this feature is shaky as best) should take me to my comment. Today when i clicked on this reply link, i get to this link and it asks me for username/password:
I tried the login/password i use on engadget but no luck. I never had to do this before so i'm not sure if this is suppose to happen?
Its pretty... Read more →

by zxc314

Moto X (2014) vs. Sony Xperia Z3 compact
So I need a new phone badly. My Nexus 4 is dying and I've really been pining for a new piece of awesome tech.
Unfortunately for a while there wasn't a really compelling device out there. Then came the 1+1 which I was really into but didn't want a phablet. Finally the new more powerful moto X came out and I loved it. But I want great battery life and along came the Sony Z3c. I buy my phones outright so the sky is not the limit price wise but the Sony and the MotoX check just about all of the... Read more →

by dave

I can't believe Android or iOS still don't have _______!

Whichever mobile operating system you consider your favorite flavor, there’s bound to be things about it that are missing or frustrate you.

Hey, that’s one of the fun things about watching Apple and Google keynotes, right? “What will they add this year that has been missing or someone else has been doing better?”

Anyway, what is a feature that you can’t believe your favorite operating system still doesn’t have?

by dave

What in the bejesus is a "full OS"?
Over in the comment section, I had an interesting discussion on what constitutes a "full" operating system. Basically, it was about whether or not you can consider something like Android or iOS to be a "real" operating system (whatever that means). To me, this seems like such a bizarre distinction.
Our conversation went something like this:
Commenter: I like my tablets to have a full OS.
Me: What exactly is a "full OS"?
Commenter: Not iOS or Android
Me: Seriously, what... Read more →

by kris

Apple leaks iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3; is it intentional?
Today the iPad user guide for iOS 8.1 leaked, showing images and revealing the names of the newest additions to the iPad family: the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3. Historically Apple has been pretty good about keeping things under wraps until their big press events, so a leak coming directly from an official source... Read more →

by DGNY93

Which phone should I get, and should I wait?
It's time for me to upgrade my cellphone and I've been doing me research on which phone I should get or even if I should even get one. I've been using the iPhone 5 since it came out and had a go with the OnePlus One over the summer and loved the phone, only problem with that was that the battery does not come out. Now I have ordered the iPhone 6 Plus, and questioning if I should even get it. What phones are out there that people would suggest, or is there something coming out that would be...

by dave

Favorite fitness apps?
Now that HealthKit is live on iOS 8, there’s been a ton of app updates that enable support for Apple’s new service. In fact, it seems like health apps are all the rage right now, and even Google is jumping into the game with its Google Fit API [ https://developers.google.com/fit/ ].
Long before HeathKit and this push toward centralized health and fitness data, there’s always been a number of fitness apps available in both the App Store and Google Play. What are... Read more →

by boogiethetruth

Nexus 6/X vs Moto X
I preordered the Moto X a few days ago and I'm a little ticked I didn't wait for the Nexus 6. The early specs on the Nexus 6 has it up there in terms of the smartphone world and I am a fan of the phablet, I have a Note 3 now. I wasn't going with the Note 4 because of the bloatware it comes with and I wanted a clean build so I went with the Moto X Pure Edition. I am kicking myself for not waiting for the Nexus though because it comes with 0 bloatware AND the phablet size I love. Should I cancel...

by abdullahalbyati

Data encryption to be a standard on Android L
Because of recent security issues Apple being the most famous one when a hacker was able to hack into the cloud account of some famous celebrities, people are getting aware about it which is a good thing as its what smartphone users need nowadays and both smartphone manufactures and software manufacturers would be liable to bring new security features. Google has also decided to bring their own security features to their Android platform and said that data encryption on Android L will be a... Read more →

by Shaldun

I was thinking to switch to Android but iOS 8 gives me a lot of doubt on that. Help me to choose between the 2 OS.
I have currently an iPhone 4S bought in late 2011 and I was thinking to change it soon.
I was thinking to switch to Android. More freedom, bigger screen amd more possibilities attract me. To be honest, reading stuff about customization or Tasker or AirDroid for example seems pretty amazing (or just downloading directly on the phone, having a real file managemenbt system). However, customization and freedom are fun for a time but knowing myself,I could be bored with it in a few months/weeks. After... Read more →

by abdullahalbyati

One plus one will be getting Android L update
OnePlus is the only smartphone on the market that offers high end specs in an affordable package just like you would find on a Nexus Device though the smartphone still haven’t been received by a lot of people because of the unusual invite system.
For those of you lucky enough to have one should be expecting the new Android L upadate in the near future when Google will official release it for their Nexus devices. OnePlus announced on their forums that they will be updating OnePlus One to the... Read more →

by dave

A preview of Android 'L' is available for download! Share your impressions
Google has made Android 'L' available for developers to download. Are you feeling brave enough to venture into the treacherous beta testing waters with your valuable phone? If you've taken a look at it, share your opinion below. What's good? What's bad?
Also, check out Brad's early impressions here: http://www.engadget.com/2014/06/26/android-developer-preview-hands-on/
More info:... Read more →

by xVxM4tthewxVx

What Are Your Thoughts on Android "L"?
Android "L" Was just unveiled by Google at there Google I/O Event in San Fransisco, Showing off some really cool features, like a new refined UI, Better performance with a new ART Runtime, 5,000 new API's, and MANY other features. So I would like to know what you guys think of this new version of Android?

If you would like to know more about this version of Android, check out the Google I/O Keynote video: