July 24th 2013 12:50 pm

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  • Media support Obviously limited now but think that will change in the very near future. so-so
  • Video quality So far only issue is that video streaming from a Chrome tab is jerky. From Netflix/YouTube app it looks great. great!
  • Audio quality No comments great!
  • Ease of use Sets up in 5 min. LOVED that I didn't have to re-install YouTube or Netflix app. Support was already built-in. Chrome extension installs in seconds. great!
  • Design and form factor No comments great!
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I can't stress enough that $35 is an amazing price point for a simple, intuitive way to turn any HDMI-input TV into a "smart" TV with a simple user interface.

Yes, content selection is limited at launch but I think that will change with just a few months' time for developers to adopt the API. More importantly, they still have some work to do on the UI. I was happy with how easy it was to do one-off videos, but try queuing up 5 YouTube videos to watch then deciding to pause the one you're currently watching. Good luck. That said, this feels like a Beta issue that will be resolved in the near future, so I see it as a hiccup, not a fatal flaw.
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