July 24th 2013 12:50 pm

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  • Media support This device is just starting and this is something i expect to see improve in the near future so-so
  • Video quality No comments good
  • Audio quality No comments good
  • Ease of use this thing was almost plug and play. i don't like the 2nd cable hanging off the device for power but you can't see it and needing to install the app 1st was ok. great!
  • Design and form factor smal and compacts but did not plug into my tv flush but that is more a failure of my TV than the device. did not like the USB power cord. good
Detailed review
Over all 1st impressions of the device are good. the price point of $35 really made this an easy device to buy for me.

This is early in the life of this device and i expect that we will see more software taking advantage of this device.

lets start with what i like about the device.
  • Price
  • small form factor

Now what i don't like
  • limited supported apps (this is something that i think will go away quickly a more developers start to support it).
  • its basically just a streaming device
  • No applications directly on the device you require some other device to start the stream to the Chromecast. This can be through your chrome browser on your PC or MAC or through another android device.
I always like to ask myself the question is this something i would buy or suggest to buy for my family and friends. In this case the answer is no.

for me its great but i have other devices i can use to "cast" to it. I can't set this up on the TV in the family room for the kids because they have no way to cast to it.

Right now as the device and the ecosystem stand right now i just can't see this as a viable option to replace something like a Roku or apple tv but it does have a lot of potential and i am looking forward to what the developers do with this device and at $35 its an easy device to play with.