June 27th 2012 12:26 pm

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  • Media support Limited only to Google Play media and YouTube poor
  • Video quality Dependent on your purchased/rented video quality AND broadband connection poor
  • Audio quality Acceptable for such a tiny critter so-so
  • Ease of use Requires Android device to setup/configure and to control. awful!
  • Design and form factor Futuristic design but really heavy. good
Detailed review
The Nexus Q is Google's attempt at providing a "social"-enabled content consumption device. The lack of storage is a deal-breaker -- you cannot save Google Play media for local playback, i.e., you need a fast broadband connection to make it work. In addition, content is limited, at the moment, to the US market.

A browser-based interface to configure and manage it would make it perfect specially if you own a Chromebook/Chromebox. Unfortunately, an Android device is required instead. (and oh, the Nexus Q app is limited to US Google Play App store only but not an issue since you can side-load anyway).