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Grado's made-in-Brooklyn SR60s are among the best sub-$100 headphones on the market, providing deep, satisfying bass while maintaining high-end sharpness and clarity, even at high volumes. The SR60i, introduced in 2009, tweaks the mid-90s design slightly, adding better cushioning and an improved driver, while maintaining the SR60's classic look and sound. While their open-back design means you won't want to take the SR60 on the road, they're perfect for at-home listening, whether they're connected to your HDTV, computer, digital audio player, or old-school hi-fi.

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TechRadar Jun 25, 2009

We're delighted with the changes Grado has made. It gives a very respectable model a significant leg-up, making it a strong recommendation in its category.

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IGN Sep 25, 2001

Even more significant, though, is the simple fact that no headphones in this price range even remotely approach the sound quality of these Grados.

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milesfan milesfan

First off, let me state a bias up front: I think bulky on ear headphones are totally 80's and DORKY looking. That said you don't get the same ear fatigue I do from my Ultimate Ears in-ear type. And if you want to rock out in the privacy of your own room/home and plan to listen for...

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MtnSloth MtnSloth

The SR60 is a reasonable choice for your first "decent" headphone. You should be able to get them for something like $70. I was not a lover of headphones, but these headphones were the beginning of the process that changed my mind. You normally turn to headphones when courtesy demands them or...

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quagga quagga

Ah, Grado SR-60s. These are my second pair and I've also had a pair of SR-80s back in the day as well. They are some of my favorite phones of all time. They're comfortable once you stretch out the top headband and their sound for their price is potentially mind-blowing. I have more expensive...

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beschrader beschrader

I got these to replace my beats by dre studio headphones. My reasoning seemed good at the time, however I do regret the move. I used to fly with my beats and they were great! These don't make good airplane headphones at all, simply not what they are made for. As well when walking around the...

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BDex BDex

Unfortunately, the SR60i's price is significantly higher in Europe than in the US (expect to pay about €110 in France, and if you try to import it you may pay the same price in fine because of the customs), but it's definitely worth the money. It's the first time I put some money in headphones...

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Kenshin217 Kenshin217

I still remember the first time I put these on. The sound quality was like a breath of fresh air. Listening to these cans is nothing less than an absolute pleasure. I had my expectations after hearing that they had reigned as the best cans under $100 since the early 90s, but even my expectations...

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jamesluo jamesluo

The SR60i headphones have major shortcomings: they are flimsy, and they have no noise isolation. But they excel at in-home listening, especially on portable devices. They offer immersive sound quality without pre-amps or adapters (thanks to the 3.5mm headphone jack). The SR60i, then, are...

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