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Grado's made-in-Brooklyn SR60s are among the best sub-$100 headphones on the market, providing deep, satisfying bass while maintaining high-end sharpness and clarity, even at high volumes. The SR60i, introduced in 2009, tweaks the mid-90s design slightly, adding better cushioning and an improved driver, while maintaining the SR60's classic look and sound. While their open-back design means you won't want to take the SR60 on the road, they're perfect for at-home listening, whether they're connected to your HDTV, computer, digital audio player, or old-school hi-fi.

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TechRadar Jun 25, 2009

We're delighted with the changes Grado has made. It gives a very respectable model a significant leg-up, making it a strong recommendation in its category.

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IGN Sep 25, 2001

Even more significant, though, is the simple fact that no headphones in this price range even remotely approach the sound quality of these Grados.

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evantravers evantravers

Great sound, with clear highes and just enough bass. Fantastic range, relatively comfortable. Your coworkers will think you are blowing your ears out, as to the passerby it seems its very loud because of sound leakage. Still great for personal listening, or in a quiet enviroment. I handed them...

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Greenerjrg Greenerjrg

I have the SR60. Terrible design and eventually they fall completely apart. Junk. The sound was never great either and distorts at moderate intensity. The foam is cheap, thin, easily comes off and they hurt your ears. They are delicate and basically a waste of money. I have them sitting beside...

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th3hammar th3hammar

Not exactly designed to be portable, it has a huge cable (in all dimensions) and similarly large jack that doesn't want to work with ipod cases (it can be driven by portable players, though). It works great for sedentary use, though, and is comfortable enough to be worn for hours on end.

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eawortman eawortman

On the repeated recommendation of Patrick Norton over the years and several other reviews, I decided get the Grado SR60i headphones. Actually I got these as a gift recently and I have been quite taken with them. Everything about these headphones from the packaging to the heavy duty cord indicate...

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